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Sign up now for Monroe Martial Arts' Tai Chi classes. Tai Chi is known for both its defense training and health benefits. Our professional staff will teach you basic Tai Chi low impact movements and stances. With our Tai Chi classes you will learn forms and emphasize a straight spine, abdominal breathing, and a natural range of motion. No matter your age group, gender, or experience level Tai Chi classes are a perfect way to improve your balance, flexibility, posture, increasing your strength and cardiovascular fitness, all while keeping dangerous diseases at bay. 

The Benefits of Tai Chi At Monroe Martial Arts Are Endless!

Learn this unique and fascinating Chinese Martial Art that will leave you feeling and looking better. Tai Chi, also known as "The Gentle Way", is a low impact, non combative martial art that is great for old and young alike. Tai Chi has been recommended for the alleviation of carpal tunnel syndrome, hypertension, high blood pressure, anemia, tuberculosis, diabetes, digestive problems, and various neurological conditions. 

Bust Anxiety And Stress With Our Tai Chi Classes Today!

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