Hyun A. Steward MD


I was born in Korea and lived there for 12 years before I came to America. While in Korea, I saw many karate demonstrations and movies. I was awed at seeing how ninjas helped so many people. The powerful movements and techniques created by the martial artists fascinated me.

At the YMCA in Monroe, I was participating in an aerobithon. One of the classes I attended was a Tai Chi Class. An Instructor in that class explained the concept of the (Dantien) core energy, the middle channel. She told us that Tai Chi is a form of martial arts that can be used in a self-defense situation and for exercise to enrich one's health. At that moment a thought occurred to me that if Tai Chi can produce this much energy, how much more augmented force could be created by the karate martial art.

The next day, I decided to join a karate class. My two sons and I joined Monroe Martial Arts in June of 2010. Mr. Werner and Mrs. Berry showed us the beginners class and demonstrated the white belt patterns and drills. It was exciting to learn techniques that can produce a vigorous dynamic impact. I also enjoyed coming to classes with my two sons, Mathew and Andrew, as part of a family event. These meetings opened the opportunities to interact with my sons, and they seemed to embrace this martial art with as much enthusiasm as I did.

I liked that Monroe Martial Arts valued the family, encouraging family members to participate in the program from white belt to black belt. As they taught us the deadly forms of self-defense, I was impressed as they placed crucial emphasis on the children's promise, the adult's pledge, an the black belt tenets of courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit, modesty, humility, gratitude and compassion.

I admired Mr. Werner's philosophy of having a sound, healthy body, which enhances the quality and efficacy of the Martial Art.

When I joined Monroe Martial Arts, its greatest asset was the instructors. Mr. & Mrs. Werner and their family, Mrs. Berry, Mrs. Ackerman, Ms. Maclin, Mr. Sillman, Mr. Delaney, Mr. Coury, Mr. Wernly, Mr. Karacson and even other instructors who are no longer here, were extremely helpful, patient, and inspiring at all levels of the curriculum. My gratitude to these instructors is immeasurable.

After studying Kai-Zen Karate, I have grown in confidence and overcome fears. I have developed a deeper respect for others and am more conscious of how I respond through my conversations and actions. I have become a stronger person whose spirit can only be broken if I allow it to be.

Hometown: Kwanju Korea


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